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Meet our Audiologists
Meet Lelani...
Michele Schoeman Spectrum Hearing Audiologist
Meet Marisca van der Star...
Battery Special - R30 per sleeve of 6!
Our team is growing - welcome Tarmi!
Spectrum Hearing Newsletter September 2023
YVDW-Audiologists-services-hearing-test2, hearing test
Friday Dry Day - 27 October - Benoni
Hesitant to do something about your hearing loss?
Hearing in children
Captain HEAR'O is 'hear' to save some EAR!!!
Acoustic Neuroma (Vestibular Schwannoma)
Vitiligo and hearing loss
Cardiovascular diseases and hearing loss
Haemochromatosis & Hearing
Breastfeeding and your child's hearing
Scarlet Fever can cause hearing loss
Polio & Hearing Loss
We are rebranding to Spectrum Hearing!
Polycythemia Vera & Hearing Loss
Signia AX Hearing Aids - Ananda Naude (Corporate Audiologist - Signia South Africa) tells us more!
Unitron Blu Hearing Aids - Michelle Kinnear (Corporate Audiologist from Unitron) tells us more!
BAHA Switch on day
BAHA Connect - Post Surgery Care
Hearing Screening Explained
Hypertension and Hearing Loss
Osteogenesis Imperfecta & Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss and Autoimmune Disease - Lupus
World Health Day
Hemophilia and your hearing
Tuberculosis and your hearing
What our patients say... | Wat ons pasiente sê...
Your kidneys and your ears...
Shingles & Hearing Loss
Cochlear Implants - are you a candidate?
Chemotherapy and other ototoxic drugs: the damaging effect on hearing
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hearing Loss
epilepsy and your ears
Hearing loss and sexually transmitted diseases
Your baby's hearing in the womb
Meet the new addition to our team! Ruth
Let us help you afford your hearing aid...
Cellphones, Bluetooth and Hearing Aid Compatibility
Gunfire & Your Hearing - Magnum Article: August 2021
Red flags for hearing loss
Online Hearing Screening
should i see the audiologist?
MEDEL SAMBA 2 - Handling and maintenance
MED EL ADHEAR - Application, positioning, changing the battery and individualizing your processor
Hearing loss in different ages and stages of life
World hearing day 2021
WHO deafness & hearing loss
WHO hearing loss fact sheet
The truth about hearing aid services
Starkey - App's & Accessories
Oticon- App's & Accessories
Unitron- App's & Accessories
Signia App's & Accessories
Troubleshooting your hearing aids
15 Tips on how to help a loved one hear better...
Do's & Don'ts with your ears...
Your hearing evaluation...what tot expect?
Going home with your new hearing aid
What to know before buying a hearing aid?
How to interpret your hearing test results...
MEET THE NEW STARKEY EDGE MODE...!  Giving you the edge in difficult listening situations
Get off to a good start - HEARING AID TIPS
7 Critical Facts about hearing
Yolandé van der Westhuizen Audiologists - PRACTICE VIDEO
Unitron Discover Next - Product feature
Hear's the team!
Medical Conditions that can cause hearing loss: #MedicalMonday's with Yolande's practice
Can Covid-19 cause hearing loss?
Classroom & online challenges amidst Covid-19. What to know about your child's learning & hearing.
SARS tax benefit for hearing loss & hearing aids
To insure or not to insure my hearing aids...
Hearing test for your newborn?
Marike Haasbroek, Audiologist
Oticon waxguards - NoWax / ProWax / ProWax MiniFit
How to change or charge your Starkey batteries
How to change or charge your Unitron batteries
How to change your Phonak batteries
How to change your Hansaton batteries
How to change or charge batteries in your Beltone instruments
How to change your Widex batteries
How to change or charge your Oticon batteries
How to change or charge your Signia batteries
Practice protocols during Stage 4 Lockdown
The journey with hearing aids - What to expect
Hearing Aid Cost...
Masks makes it difficult to hear.. in more than ways than one!
Resound Cerustop wax guards
Beltone wax guards
Phonak Cerustop and CeruShield wax guards
Widex Nanocare waxguards
Starkey HearClear waxguards
Unitron Cerustop and CeruShield wax guards
Signia miniReceiver / HF4 PRO / C-Grid / Nanocare wax guards
Tips for easy hearing aid care during lockdown!
Does my child have auditory processing difficulties or a hearing loss?
YVDW Audiologists Covid19 lockdown protocols
What to know about your child’s ears and hearing?
YVDW Audiologists-Blog-All hearing aids are not created equal, hearing test
yolande van der westhuizen audiology - Starkey Hearing Foundation2, hearing test
yvdw audiologists taking a hearing protection mould, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists - Benoni Practice (1), hearing test
YVDW_0000_YVDW-Audiologists-Centurion-branch-outside-view, hearing test
YVDW audiologist-finance your device, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-Yolande about hearing and hearing aids on RSG, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-How HIV can cause hearing loss, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-5 Reasons why some people get hearing aids but not wear them, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-Yolandé on SABC Health Talk - 4 March 2017, hearing test
Why shouldn't I just buy an amplifying device or PSAP on the internet or over the counter?
YVDW Audiologists-Yolandé in the Plus 50 Magazine2, hearing test
yolande van der westhuizen audiology in the press-finesse, hearing test
Yolande van der Westhuizen Audiology - children-bullies-problem, hearing test
Yolande van der Westhuizen Audiology - new born baby, hearing test
Yolande van der Westhuizen Audiology - cancer kids stikeez13, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-Gehoor in die klaskamer, hearing test
YVDW Audiologists-use it or lose it - audiology, hearing test
YVDW Audiology-Audiologist-with-patient, hearing test