• Francina
    Baie dankie vir julle puik diens dit is so wonderlik om so goed te kan hoor julle is absoluut pragtige mense wat nog verstaan as jy n probleem het nogmaals baie dankie en n wonderlike dag vir julle.
  • Wil Dunbar
    Baie dankie Yolande vir die professionele wyse waarop jy my gehelp het.   jy het my  gewys hoe my bestaande apparaat eintlik werk en nou gaan dit sommer baie beter!   Ek waardeer jou advies en vriend'likheid en jy gaan my beslis weer sien wanneer dit nodig word.   My ouderdom sal dit natuurlik ook vereis!  Ek sal enige persoon met 'n gehoor probleem aanbeveel om jou eers te besoek!Nogmaals dankie.
    Wil Dunbar
  • Chani Bruhns
    Our son, Alex, was diagnosed with significant hearing loss at 18 months. At that age he received hearing aids and it was like a whole new world opening for him. His experience with Yolande van der Westhuizen has been like opening a new world for Alex each time he has received new hearing aids. Yolande's knowledge of modern technology and changes in technology is just amazing. Alex is now 20 and studying at Tuks. Thanks to Yolande he is able to receive calls on his phone, hear his lectures and friends in a social setting. He is able to have a normal, fun-filled life! Thank you, Yolande!!! Xxx  
    Chani Bruhns
  • Annemarie Booysen
    Ek het gehoorverlies agv RA. n Unieke gehoor probleem. En Yolandé weet presies hoe om dit te hanteer en het die wonderlikste rustigheid, kennis en vriendelikheid. Ek voel van die ontvangsdame se vriendelike en behulpsaamheid tot ek my besoek afgehandel het so welkom . Dankie mensies vir die uitstekende profesionele diens . Ek sal nooit oorweeg om na n ander oudioloog tegaan nie. My man is ook by haar en net so tevrede.
    Annemarie Booysen
  • Dr. Octavia
    Dear Yolandé,It was really awesome meeting you. You practice is the state of the art, rest assured that I will be referring to you.Once more thanks for your professionalism.
    Dr. Octavia
  • Thomas Prinsloo
    I have experienced problems to get access to my work environment due to my hearing loss which meant that I could no longer carry on with my work on construction sites. Yolande tested my hearing and explained my hearing problem in a very passionate and professional way and recommended a hearing aid for both my ears. Within four days my hearing aids were ready for fitment and what a fantastic experience to wake up in the morning to hear the beautiful sound of birds singing, running water in my garden fountain and to hear someone speaking without asking “sorry what did you say”. I am also back at work with no hearing problems. Thank you Yolande for all your assistance and help. You are a star.
    Thomas Prinsloo
  • Otto van der Star
    Excellent professional friendly service the feedback were professional and very good all my queries were attended to and response were immediate I will definitely recommend them to all my friends!
    Otto van der Star
  • Jannie Brink
    Julle by Yolande se firma is almal regtig baie vriendelik en positief, en altyd so stunning - Bly altyd so!
    Jannie Brink
  • Trudie Stassen
    Ek kom nou ewe skielik agter ons het n grand fathers clock wat n pragtige deuntjie speel dit gaan so goed met my oortjies eks mal daaroor! Love u Yolande!
    Trudie Stassen
  • Stephen Slaughter
    Bit of a wait at reception, but Yolande quickly understood my requirements, sorted out the medical aid aspects, performed the audio testing and I picked up my instrument a couple of days thereafter as promised. All very professionally done and the recommended instrument has performed flawlessly.I have no hesitation in recommending this service provider.
    Stephen Slaughter
  • AJ Pienaar
    When Mr AJ Pienaar came for his follow up appointment a month after his hearing aid fitting I asked him how he was doing and how it is going with his hearing aids - his answer was: "Life has never been this good...!"
    AJ Pienaar
  • I've been suffering from partial hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear since July 2016. The partial hearing loss and tinnitus was a result of coughing profusely. However, I did not have a cold or the flu at the time which seems to be a common cause for this based on materials I've read on the Internet, visits to the ENT and audiologists. Hence I'm not exactly sure what the main cause of the condition is but I can tell for sure that life has been very frustrating since then to say the very least. I'm an IT professional by trade, music lover and conversationalist; so my lifestyle was affected harshly due to the high reliance on the ability to hear. After excessive reading about the triggers for tinnitus, I made further changes to an already healthy diet, tried to avoid loud noises or music, and used prescribed medications from the ENT for 6 months. There was no improvement to my condition and I was very disappointed. I've tried self-medication such as ginger, honey, garlic, ginkgo biloba and over-the-counter tinnitus medication. I read guides and blogs of other tinnitus sufferers to adopt their coping mechanisms of which the most effective technique is to "break the cycle" e.g. ignore the tinnitus, avoid starting the cycle of "listening" to it and go on with your life as normal. However, the tinnitus worsened such as getting "louder" and new sounds suddenly jumping into the mix such as clicking and popping in my left ear. Tinnitus had taken over my life to such an extent that I would spend an hour writing an email that would typically take me 5 minutes to write due to intensity of the tinnitus and my inability to concentrate on the task at hand.After doing a couple of Google searches, I decided to visit an audiologist named Yolandé van der Westhuizen for an opinion to determine whether there is anything that could be done to overcome this condition and live a normal life. Yolandé explained that there is plenty to do for people with tinnitus, of which the most effective is to use a hearing aid with tinnitus therapy functions to stimulate the auditory nerve and keep it active. During my first consultation, Yolandé explained the basics of hearing aids, and introduced me to the Signia 7px model which has tinnitus therapy functionality. I've been using the Signia 7px with and without the tinnitus therapy for close to a month and I can truly state that it has changed my life. I now longer need to turn my head every time someone speaks to me, people don't need to "shout" at me any longer and I can manage to follow what is going on around me in loud or noisy environments such as coffee shops and restaurants. The tinnitus therapy functionality is extremely useful in quiet environments where there are no ambient sounds to stimulate the ear. Environments with enough ambient sounds does not require me to turn on any of the tinnitus therapy at all, the mere fact that I can hear the sounds overpowers the tinnitus well enough that it doesn't bother me.All in all, I can still "hear" the tinnitus regardless of what environment I'm in but the game-changer was the amplification of the sounds I could no longer hear from the partial hearing loss and when necessary relying on the tinnitus therapy of the Signia 7px. I'm extremely thankful for the effort that is going into treating tinnitus and hearing loss, and I can tell for sure that the Signia 7px has changed my life since I've started using it.
  • Eike Truter
    Thank you Yolande for knowing exactly how to make my five year old feel comfortable. We really appreciate your kind manner and can highly recommend your services to anyone.
    Eike Truter
  • Jacinda Olivier
    I was so very impressed with his lady's professionalism! Modern and state of the art equipment. She explained everything calmly and clearly. It was a breathe of fresh air to visit her, after a recent very disappointing visit to another audiologist in Centurion. Thank you Yolande!
    Jacinda Olivier
  • Lekhotla Mafisa
    Yolande always goes out of her way to assist a patient. She has listening ear and a caring mind. She always puts the welfare of the patient above needs. I pray to God that she reaps the benefits of her benevolence.
    Lekhotla Mafisa
  • Pria Uys
    I was extremely happy with the service which I received from this Company. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I will most definitely be recommending you further 🙂
    Pria Uys
  • Chris Blignaut
    I was introduced to Yolande by a friend, had my first appointment middle December 2015 and the wheels was rolling. On January 17th 2016 the fitting and adjustments was done. From then a new world have open for me. For the first time I could attend a function in the Barnyard with out removing my hearing aids. Even during my first church service the sound was clear and I could hear extremely good. I can also hear my telephone conversations and TV sound directly in my ears as clear as fresh water. Thanks to Koen and Yolande and the back up staff.
    Chris Blignaut
  • Peter Maree
    et's make it official! Probably one of the best decisions i have ever made. A lovely person, a lovely practice with perfect understanding on how a person feels that needs help. Yolande effectively made my world from black and white to full HD color again. I am not deaf but have suffered hearing loss in both ears and it effectively sucks when you are cut from conversation in open spaces and having to consistently as sorry say again or take 30 seconds to figure out in context what people might have said and still get your response wrong. Yolande and the Starkey rep went beyond call of duty to get me up and back on line so to speak. What an amazing feeling to hear things again that one would take for granted. If you 30 something and think its stupid to have the help of hearing aids think of the lack of life you have and if you want to ask questions....feel free to ask i will help where i can as a user and get your communication and comprehension back!
    Peter Maree
  • Jossie
    Yolande is 'n baie goeie oudioloog wat ek so nodig het, maar dis jammer ek bly in Kaapstad. Mis haar baie!
  • Riaan Venter, Civil Engineer
    I've been to a few places where they claim to look after one's specific needs and provide the best service but when I met Yolande and her team I found new meaning to words such as, compassionate, caring, professional and attention to detail! I my line of work I need my hearing to be spot on! With the hearing aids provided by Yolande I am not just able to do my work but my quality of life at home improved immensely! Thank you Yolande. You are a superstar!
    Riaan Venter, Civil Engineer
  • Erna Small
    Sy is DIE beste!!
    Erna Small
  • Dorothy Smit Neethling
    Uitstekende diens met genoeg omgee daarby... Dankie Yolande en Joey!
    Dorothy Smit Neethling
  • HJS Minnie
    Ek moes al jare terug na jou toe gekom het Yolande!
    HJS Minnie
  • Eugene Henning
    Goeiemore aan almal (in stereo)! Ek wil net ongelooflik baie dankie se vir julle diens! En die nuwe geskenk om weer in stereo te kan hoor! Ek waardeer dit ONTSETTEND baie!
    Eugene Henning
  • Henry vd Walt
    In life and as in business one meets certain individuals who have a profound impact on you, this is never more true than of Yolande.I first met Yolande when she took over the medical practice that I used to visit during 2010. Yolande immediately showed amazing empathy, professionalism combined with complete understanding and caring for my condition. She immediately instilled trust and confidence, and through the times I attended the practice she demonstrated much more of her caring side which far extended beyond her regular duties.I have seen the utter devotion Yolande has discharged in her care for the frail, elderly and the young. She even arranges to leave the practice and meet with her patients at a time and place convenient for them. These are the people who desperately need someone like Yolande.Yolande really understands the medical and business needs around audiology, and 100% recognises the individuals requirements in a professional environment. She combines exceptional medical skills and applies this to the individuals economic needs. It is true that the hearing aids of the modern day are more like mini-computers than those devices of a bygone age, and Yolande wonderfully balances between this and the individuals working needs. In my case as an engineer, I am required to attend numerous tele-conferences, physical face to face meetings and work in IT / equipment rooms, all of which used to prove daunting and difficult, however today I am able to work efficiently and confidently. I even use my own device when I go hunting, this has enabled me to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature, and not least being able to have normal everyday conversations with my wife and grandchildren, some of which are long distance telephone calls to Australia.None of the above would have been possible without the help of a wonderful audiologist such as Yolande, I cannot praise her enough.
    Henry vd Walt
  • Rudy Audoon
    I really want to take the time and say thank you very much for your assistance! I will most definitely recommend you to people that has similar problems. Kind Regards.
    Rudy Audoon
  • Lorraine Bloom
    On behalf of my sister, Lacey van Eck I would like to pass on our thanks and gratitude for the professional service we received from your Benoni Branch.
    Lorraine Bloom
  • Lesley James
    I went to your Benoni rooms for a free hearing test last month and would just like to tell you that I found Candice absolutely fabulous. She is so patient explains everything so well and is really delightful. I will recommend her to anyone who needs help with hearing loss. 
    Lesley James
  • Hillary Muller
    Yolande is a person orientated service provider. As an audiologist, not only does she recommend and ensure that you have the best technology has to offer to assist persons suffering from hearing impairments but she also recognises the social and other impacts suffered by her patients with the suffering from these problems.
    Hillary Muller
  • DC Grobler
    Eerste besoek met n wonderlike gevoel van "Ek is tuis hier!" Hou so aan!!!
    DC Grobler
  • Ansie Botha
    Beste Yolande, Na 4 jaar met 'n produk wat nie vir my gewerk het nie, was ek baie dankbaar om by jou praktyk 'n afspraak te kry.  My nuwe Starkey apperate is die beste ooit.  Ek kan sowaar weer fluister hoor.  Ek kan nie glo ek het 4 jaar met 'n ander produk (wat duurder is) gesukkel nie. Baie groete, Ansie
    Ansie Botha
  • Jessica Koch
    I will refer any person to Yolande van der Westhuizen Audiology. They are my #1 choice. What a wonderful team!
    Jessica Koch
  • Riaan Venter
    Initially I was skeptical going for a hearing tests, not knowing what to expect and even more nervous about the outcome. But the moment I set foot at these audiologists I felt comfortable and at ease. The staff are so friendly and they treat you as if you are family. My hearing test results showed that I have hearing loss and that a hearing aid is recommended. The audiologist really took the time to explain to me the different options and best possible solution for my specific needs. I reside in Kempton Park but don't mind the drive because every visit to the audiologists is a pleasant one. Thanks girls.
    Riaan Venter
  • Elnette von Backström
    Ons dogtertjie, Deannei von Backström, is op 03 November 2005 gebore. In Maart 2010 het sy pampoentjies gehad, dit het meer die linkerkant van haar gesiggie aangetas. In November 2010 het ek agtergekom dat daar iets fout is met haar gehoor nadat sy by my op die bed gelê het. Ek het haar geroep en geroep, maar daar was geen reaksie by haar gewees nie. Nadat ek my trane afgevee het, het ek vir haar gesê om voor my te kom sit – ek het eerste haar regteroor toe gedruk en vir haar gevra om alles te herhaal wat sy hoor. Met haar regteroor toegedruk, kon sy glad nie herhaal wat ek vir haar gesê het nie. Maar sy het wel my lippe gelees. Ons het onmiddelik vir haar ‘n afspraak by Yolande gemaak en na ‘n hele reeks toetse het ons die nuus gekry dat sy bykans doof is in haar linkeroor, maar wel gehoor het in haar regteroor. Sy sou nou ‘n gehoor apparaat moes begin dra in die regteroor. Yolande het ook aan ons genoem dat sy ‘n FM systeem sal moet bykry sodra sy Graad 1 toe gaan sodat sy nie agterraak met haar skoolwerk nie. My hele lewe het net daar tot stilstand gekom. Ek kon my trane nie keer nie, my liewe dierbare blondekop kind is doof. Yolande het van haar lessenaar af opgestaan en my kom troos. Hierdie wild vreemde mens het haar arms om my gesit en my getroos. Daardie eerste dag het ek haar werklike omgee en mede-menslikheid vir haar pasiente ervaar en vandag ses maande later, praat sy my nogsteeds moed in elke keer wanneer ons haar sien. Daar is nie baie wat hulle kan doen vir Deannei nie, sy dra nou ‘n gehoor apparaat in haar regteroor. Deannei was van die eerste oomblik af gaande oor Yolande. Sy het so kalm en mooi met haar gewerk en so mooi die hele proses van toetse vir Deannei verduidelik en vertel wat sy doen. En dit was vir my baie opvallend hoe gemaklik Deannei met Yolande was, maar dit kom van hoe Yolande haar behandel het – sy is opreg en passievol oor haar beroep en pasiënte. Ons veiligheidsnet is teen 1000km per uur onder ons uitgeruk in ‘n kwessie van ‘n paar weke, maar Yolande het aan die einde van ons donker tonnel vir ons gewag en ons deur hierdie hele proses gehelp en gelei. En wat vir my die belangrikste was, sy het na my kind se belange en behoeftes gekyk en gesorg dat sy die regte produk kry vir haar spesifieke probleem. Ek het groot waardering vir dit wat Yolande vir ons gedoen het in ‘n baie klein rukkie, maar my grootste dankie gaan oor hoe menslik sy ons behandel het van dag een af. Dis is vandag vir my ‘n riem onder my hart wanneer ons by haar praktyk verby ry en Deannei aan almal in die motor vertel dat dit “Haar oor tannie se plekkie is”. Ek kan met groot vrymoedigheid haar aanbeveel want sy doen nie net haar werk nie, sy maak seker dat die persoon met die gebrek/e ook na gekyk word. Baie dankie vir alles wat jy gedoen het in die afgelope paar maande, ons waardeer dit ongelooflik baie.
    Elnette von Backström
  • Maudie Hanssen
    I am writing to you to thank you for your patience, understanding and encouragement. When you first told me that I need a hearing aid in each ear due to significant hearing loss, I was really flabbergasted, devastated and very reluctant to go ahead, but thanks to you, I now know that you were right in your diagnosis and recommendation. Thank you for seeing me and my husband on several occasions and for repeatedly explaining everything to me. I must admit that it was really difficult wearing the hearing aids for the first two weeks. My ears were constantly itchy and irritated and the noise was, at times, unbearable. I will not forget the first night that I actually realised how bad my hearing was. We were watching television and I heard everything that was said during the program. After deciding to lie down on my side and realising that the hearing aids were hurting me when I lie like that, I took them out. Suddenly I couldn’t hear the television anymore. My husband laughed when I asked him why he had turned the sound down. As I have said, that was when I realised that I really had a serious hearing problem. I managed to get through the difficult time of adapting to wearing the hearing aids. Almost miraculously, after the first two weeks, there were no more “side effects”. It has now been about two months and I cannot thank you and my husband enough for encouraging me to wear the hearing aids. Today I am proud of my hearing aids as I can hear normally again. Thank you again.
    Maudie Hanssen
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