March 23, 2022

World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated on the 7th of April. It is celebrated to attract attention to specific health topics and this year the World […]
March 22, 2022

Tuberculosis and your hearing

How are you at risk for hearing loss if you have tuberculosis?   It is not a well-known fact that patients treated with a specific […]
January 25, 2022

Your baby’s hearing in the womb

Your baby can hear you during pregnancy…  When can your baby start hearing? Between 16 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, your baby may start to […]
September 9, 2021

Gunfire & Your Hearing – Magnum Article: August 2021

Have you ever experienced a blocked ear with that infamous ‘tweeeeeeeeeeet’ sound in your ear right after a gunshot? The blocked ear opens up a […]