March 22, 2022

Tuberculosis and your hearing

How are you at risk for hearing loss if you have tuberculosis?   It is not a well-known fact that patients treated with a specific […]
January 31, 2022

Chemotherapy and other ototoxic drugs: the damaging effect on hearing

Medication is ototoxic is when it has the potential to have a damaging effect on your hearing. Each individual is susceptible to a hearing loss […]
February 28, 2021

Deafness & Hearing Loss, more information from the World Health Organization

**Reference: WHO Website: Overview A person is said to have hearing loss if they are not able to hear as well as someone with […]
February 28, 2021

World Health Organization (WHO) – Factsheet on deafness & hearing loss

**Reference: WHO Website: Deafness and hearing loss Key facts Around 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss (1), and 34 million of these […]